Loved & Accepted

The issues

The children and families who find their way to us are all people who for one reason or another find themselves on the edge of society, often feeling unwanted and unloved. Many of our families are Roma, and we are aware that throughout Europe there is a level of ignorance and discrimination towards the Roma community. Towards the street children and young people there is sometimes hostility and often an unawareness of why children end up on the streets in the first place.

How we help

Our extended family of staff and volunteers treat everyone equally, offering love and acceptance to all regardless of social situation, ethnic group, age or gender. We seek to show children that they are loved and accepted as they are and encourage them to treat others in the same way. We encourage people to be proud of their ethnicity and not to be ashamed of who they are.

We speak in school, universities and other public places about our work and the issues involved, seeking to break down barriers and promote tolerance and mutual understanding.

How you can help

By becoming a volunteer or a supporter of our work you can be involved directly in showing love and acceptance to those who most need it. By learning about the issues involved you can speak to you own friends and family, neighbours, school or work colleagues, challenging ignorance and prejudice and encouraging others to show love and acceptance towards disadvantaged groups in their society.